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Truck Fleet Cleaning Services

Truck Fleet Cleaning

Truck companies must comply with State, Federal and Local authorities on regulations concerning vehicle washing. These regulations usually prohibit or limit contaminants from entering storm drains. This is an even bigger problem found in trucking and refining companies near streams or rivers. We have worked with companies who have to maintain extremely strict water laws and have found solutions that allow them to have their trucks washed and not have to worry about breaking these regulations.

Despite these regulations truck companies still need their vehicles cleaned, not only to show the pride in the work and their business by keeping a clean vehicle, but in some cases for safety standards in what the trucks are hauling. Keeping trucks and trailers cleaned regularly not only keeps the vehicle looking nice, it removes corrosive and damaging agents such as dirt, oil, grime, and salt. This reduces rust, rot, and extends your vehicles paint and under carriage.

Como’s Cleaning & Restoration offers multiple truck fleet cleaning services and will work with you to help maintain your vehicles looking nice.

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