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House Washing

Nobody likes when their light colored house looks dirty or starts to turn green, when the beautiful siding or paint gets discolored from dirt, mold, or algae. Proper cleaning of the exterior can prolong and preserve a structure, improve curb appeal, and increase your own enjoyment of the property. It's also a great way to rid the exterior of insect debris, eggs, nests, and cobwebs. Most people focus on keeping the interior of their house clean, the reality is, cleaning the exterior of houses should be part of the maintenance routine of homeowners, and you don't have to break the bank to do it. When you spend time cleaning and fixing things around the outside of your house, you increase its value in the market significantly. If you’re thinking about selling, nothing says ‘buy me’ more than a clean house, inside and out. Excess dirt and build-up of mildew and garbage outside attracts bugs and bacteria which bring on illnesses. In heat and humidity mold can begin growing on the house, by washing it with the proper procedure and equipment, you can kill the mold and stop it's growth and spread, potentially stopping illnesses that come with it. Whether the exterior of your house needs a deep clean to remove the grime or a quick sprucing up, we can help.

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