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Gutter Cleanings


A connection of pipes and tubes create the gutter systems that run along the roof of houses and apartments. Its job is to catch rain coming off the rood and dispose of it in a safe area away from the house. Without gutters the roof and siding of your house would suffer from water damage. Unfortunately, gutters do not only catch rain, they catch leaves, twigs, small branches, and just about anything else that rolls off your roof. This causes the gutters to clog and overflow, which then can cause water damage to your house. Many times people think cleaning their gutters isn't a big deal no matter their age, and they can end up hurt. Don't risk you or your parents hurting themselves and ask professional to help.

Como’s Cleaning & Restoration Services offers gutter cleaning services. It is recommended that people clean their gutters multiple times a year, mainly during the fall when leaves are falling. If you are interested we also offer to clean the exterior of your gutters to help them look nicer and give your houses exterior a brighter appearance.

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